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All Chillax Driving Students have FREE access to Theory Test Pro to help you pass your Theory Test.

Twice as likely to Pass

  • Learners using Theory Test Pro are twice as likely to pass than the national average.
  • Pass first time

  • The UK average pass rate is 41%. With Theory test pro, your pass rate is doubled to over 82%.
  • Practice Theory Test

  • It contains the full question bank from the DVSA - the guys who run the theory tests.
  • Hazard Perception Test

  • Gives you the inside track with a full and realistic hazard perception test.
  • Always Up-to-Date

  • Because it's online, you are always up-to-date with the latest questions. Unlike CDs or books.
  • Realistic Tests

  • The test software looks exactly like the tests you'll see when you take your theory test. So you'll not get caught off guard.
  • Track Your Progress

  • Theory Test Pro shows you how well you're doing and in which topics so you know what you need to revise.
  • Worth £7 a Week!

  • With Chillax Driving School, you get this FREE. The regular costs are:
  • 1 Week Pass - £7.00
  • 3 Month Pass - £10.00
  • 12 Month Pass - £20.00
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