National Learner Driver Insurance

Discounted National Learner Driver Insurance

All Chillax Driving Students have access to fully comprehensive learner driver insurance with exclusive rates and benefits. Gaining the recommended 20 hours of private practice time is essential for your driving skills and confidence, making you better driver and more likely to pass your test.

National Learner Driver Insurance makes it fast and easy for your family members to lend learner drivers their cars, protecting the Owner's No Claims Bonus. Policies range from 2 Weeks to 5 Months and prices start at just £1.83 per day.

The benefits of National Learner Driver Insurance...

Fully Comprehensive Cover

  • The car owner's No Claims Bonus is protected and removes the expense of having to add additional learner drivers to a car owner's main policy.
  • Fixed Pricing

  • The price of cover under the National Learner Driver Insurance policy is fixed, regardless of your age and postcode.
  • From just £1.83 per day.
  • Insure Any Car

  • The National Learner Driver Insurance policy covers vehicles up to and including group 29 (1-50 grouping) subject to the vehicle being valued at less than £20,000.
  • Choose Your Term

  • Policies from 2 Weeks to 5 Months.
  • Tailor Your Cover

  • There are 6 Policy options, so you can choose the perfect cover for you.
  • Unlimited Renewals

  • You can renew as many times as required.
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    Discounted National Learner Driver Insurance